DVB-S2 / T2 / C  
  DVB-S2 USB (S662)  
  DVB-T2/T/C USB (H630)  
  Full HD Capture  
  4K UHD PVR30 (D700)  
  HD Grabber Dongle (D300)  
  iCapture (D200)  
  HD Live Game Streamer (D500)  
  HD UVC 60 (D510)  
  HD Capture Dual (D624)  
  HD Capture Box (D622)  
  4K Capture Box (D616 / D640)  
  HD Grabber Dual (D614)  
  HD Grabber Mini (D612)  
  HDMI to AV converter (C100)  
  MAC Grabber (D100)  
  SD UVC Grabber (D101)  
  DS PCIe (D210)  
  DVI PCIe (D110)  
  Miracast TV Dongle (M920)  
  MiraScreen Dongle (M932)  
  MiraScreen Dongle (M933)  
  EZcast Pro LAN Box (M940)  
  Miracast TV Dongle (M950)  
  EZcast Pro LAN Box (M960)  
  iCable (M750)  
  Wireless AV Sender  
  HD Game Transmitter (G100)  
  HD Game Transmitter (G200TX)  
  Wireless AV Sender (G200KIT)  
  TeVii G100 HD Game Transmitter
• Android 4.4 operating system
• No delay Gaming HDMI Transmitter
• Support VR Game with VR glass
• Build in Android System
• HDMI IN support any multimedia device
• Easy mobile connectivity built-in 802.11 a/c/b/g/n
• Custom made APP for smart phone to support all
  the VR glass in the market
TeVii G200TX HD Game Transmitter
• Connect to any video source (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)
  through   HDMI input
• G200 transmits video content to the mobile phone
  through   WIFI
  (direct connection)
• Install APP (Android & iOS) in mobile phone to receive
• Insert the phone to VR glass and enjoy the game/movie
  in 3D

  TeVii G200KIT Wireless AV Sender
• Connect to any video source (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)
  through HDMI input
• G200TX transmits Full HD video to G200RX through WiFi (2.4G, 2T2R)
• Excellent WiFi penetration & up to 30 meters range.
• Auto pair & connection