HD Video Recorder  
  Analog2SD Converter (A480)  
  HD Grabber Mini (D612)  
  HD Grabber Dual (D614)  
  4K Capture Box (D640)  
  SDI Capture Box (D650)  
  4K UHD PVR30 (D702)  
  HD60 Video Recorder (D720)  
  Android Box (P500)  
  Game Capture & Live-Streaming  
  UVC Video Streamer (D320)  
  UVC PCIe Live-Streamer (D420)  
  UVC PCIe Live-Streamer (D422)  
  UVC Live-Streamer (D520)  
  UVC Live-Streamer (D530)  
  4K Gaming Capture Box (D540)  
  UVC Box Live-Streamer (D550)  
  4K Video Recorder (D730)  
  WiFi Display / Projector  
  MiraScreen Dongle (M932)  
  MiraScreen Dongle (M933)  
  MiraScreen 4K (M942)  
  MiraScreen 4K (M943)  
  J200 Projector  
  V200 Projector  
  Wireless HDMI / Presentation  
  Wireless HDMI Extender (G100)  
  Wireless HDMI Extender (G200)  
  Wireless HDMI Display (G300)  
  EZcast Pro LAN (B01)  
  EZcast Pro Deluxe Pack (B02)  
  EZCast Pro 2 Dongle (D10)  
  Q100 QuattroCast  
  Q200 QuattroCast  
  TeVii D640 4K Capture Box    
• 4K UHD Recording from DVD, OTT, Receiver,
  PC, PS and Xbox
• Dual mode design, HD recording on
  external USB storage/TF Card (Standalone)
  or PC
• OSD control with multi-language
• H.264 HD hardware encoding up to 1080P
• HDMI input (x2), HDMI output, AV output
• HDMI pass-through without latency
• Recording data rate up to 16Mbits/sec in
  MP4 format
• Recording audio via microphone input
• Support remote control (IR)


Bit rate:
Bit rate Max: 16Mbps, default 10Mbps

AV Composite (CVBS) L/R
MIC (Audio in)

USB 2.0 (for external HDD & USB Stick)
TF Card
Micro USB for PC connection
Audio Line Out

  Video Resolution  
Input 4K (3840*2160_60p) , 2K (2560*1440_60p)
1920*1080 (50p), 1920*1080(60p), 1920*1080(24p)
1920*1080 (25p), 1920*1080(30p), 1920*1080(50i)
1920*1080 (60i), 1360*768 (60P)
1280*1024 (60p), 1280*720 (60p), 1280*768 (60p)
1280*800 (60p), 1024*768 (60p)
720*480 (60i), 720*480 (50i), 640*480 (60p)
720*480 (60p), 720*576 (50p)
Output 1920*1080 (60p), 1280*720 (60p)
Recording 1920*1080 (30p), 1280*720(60p)


HDMI input/ YPbPr input / HDMI output
CVBS/ Microphone input / Audio line out
USB 2.0 for external HDD (IDE and SATA/2.5” & 3.5”/7200, 5400, 4200) / USB Stick
Micro USB output to PC and TF Card
Power 5V/2A input

Package Contents
 D640 4K Capture Box
 Remote control unit
 HDMI cable
 YPbPr cable
 MicroUSB cable
 AV/L/R Cable
 Software DVD
 Power Adapter 5V/2A

  Connection Diagram: